Election Solution

India is the biggest democratic country in the world and an IT super power but not utilizing technology in the Political Process. To overcome and breakthrough this, E-14 (Power by Grideb) established. E-14 is a powerful, integrated and enriched online election analysis platform. The election analysis is cohesively interwoven with remarkable tools and applications that empower the pillars of the Indian Democracy.

It also brings social networking to connect these pillars. Election 2014 (E14) also provides different services to the participants of Indian Elections. Elections, Voters, Politicians, Political Parties and Media are the pillars of the Democracy.

E14 is first of its kind powerfully integrated and enriched Online Election Analysis and Management Platform. The voter needs a robust social networking platform to connect, convey and engage in a meaningful political discussion about Parties, Leaders. E14 acts as a social networking platform and it also serves the voters as an election platform that connects them with their locality, leaders, and parties with instant updates and also help them to express their views and share the information to everyone about their party/leader updates, their grievances etc.

Indian Election 2014